PrayerMinder Day 10

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Helps to Intercession

By Andrew Murray

What to Pray – For God’s Spirit on Our Missionaries

What the world needs today is not only more missionaries , but the outpouring of God ‘s Spirit on everyone whom He has sent out to work for Him in the foreign field. Ye shall receive power, when the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be My witnesses unto the uttermost part of the earth. -Acts 1:8.

God always gives His servants power equal to the work He asks of them. Think of the greatness and difficulty of this work, – casting Satan out of his strongholds – and pray that everyone who takes part in it may receive and do all his work in the power of the Holy Ghost. Think of the difficulties of your missionaries, and pray for them.

How to Pray – Trusting God ‘s Faithfulness

He is faithful that promised. She counted Him faithful who promised. -Heb. 10:23; 11:11.

Just think of God’s promises to His Son, concerning His kingdom; to the Church, concerning the heathen; to His servants, concerning their work; to yourself, concerning your prayer; and pray in the assurance that He is faithful, and only waits for prayer and faith to fulfil them. “Faithful is He that calleth you” (to pray), “who also will do it” (what He has promised). 1 Thess. 5:24. Take up individual missionaries, make yourself one with them, and pray till you know that you are heard. Oh, begin to live for Christ’s kingdom as the one thing worth living for!

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