PrayerMinder Day 27

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Helps to Intercession

By Andrew Murray

What to Pray – That God’s People May Realize Their Calling

I will bless thee; and be thou a blessing: IN THEE shall ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH be blessed. -Gen. 12:2, 3.
God be merciful UNTO US, and bless US, and cause His face to shine UPON US. That Thy way may be known UPON EARTH, Thy saving health AMONG ALL NATIONS. -Ps. 67: 1,2.

Abraham was only blessed that he might be a blessing to all the earth. Israel prays for blessing, that God may be known among all nations. Every believer, just as much as Abraham, is only blessed that he may carry God’s blessing to the world.

Cry to God that His people may know this, that every believer is only to live for the interests of God and His kingdom. If this truth were preached and believed and practiced, what a revolution it would bring in our mission work. What a host of willing intercessors we should have. Plead with God to work it by the Holy Spirit.

How to Pray – As One Who Has Accepted for Himself What He Asks for Others

Peter said What I have, I give unto thee … The Holy Ghost fell on them, as on us at the beginning … God gave them the like gift, as He gave unto us. -Acts 3:6; 9:15, 17.

As you pray for this great blessing on God’s people, the Holy Spirit taking entire possession of them for God’s service, yield yourself to God, and claim the gift anew in faith. Let each thought of feebleness or shortcoming only make you the more urgent in prayer for others; as the blessing comes to them, you too will be helped. With every prayer for conversions or mission work, pray that God’s people may know wholly they belong to Him.

4 replies
  1. Patrick Flores
    Patrick Flores says:

    I want to thank you for this very important message, we should all be aware that blessings, GOD’s unmerited favors are not for our hoarding but for sharing, allowing us to be a minister to others by GOD’s grace. Thank you mark.

    • Mark Childers
      Mark Childers says:

      Thank you, Patrick. Sometimes it is embarrassingly easy to forget WHY we live. It is not too long after that we forget HOW to live. Praying that your new mission field in your new home is a fruitful one!

  2. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    It is so easy to get wrapped up in life that we forget that God’s calling supersedes anything that we deem important.

    • Mark Childers
      Mark Childers says:

      True words. It’s almost like there is someone or something out there trying to distract us from our true mission and God given purpose….


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