PrayerMinder Day 31

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Helps to Intercession

By Andrew Murray

What to Pray – For the Spirit of Christ in His people

I am the Vine, ye are the branches. -John 15:5.
That ye should do as I have done to you. -John 13:15.

As branches we are to be so like the Vine, so entirely identified with it, that all may see that we have the same nature, and life, and Spirit. When we pray for the Spirit, let us not only think of a Spirit of power, but the very disposition and temper of Christ Jesus. Ask and expect nothing less: for yourself, and all God’s children, cry for it.

How to Pray – Striving in Prayer

That ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me. -Rom. 15:30.
I would ye knew what great conflict I have for you. -Col. 2:1.

All the powers of evil seek to hinder us in prayer. Prayer is a conflict with opposing forces. It needs the whole heart and all our strength. May God give us grace to strive in prayer till we prevail.

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  1. Sue Sabbaugh
    Sue Sabbaugh says:

    Thank you, Pastor Mark! This has been wonderful and I looked forward to it every morning. I’ve saved each day and will be reviewing them over the coming months. It’s topics I can, and should, be bringing to Him every day, not just for 31 days. Can’t wait for the next PrayerMinder session! God bless you!

  2. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Thanks Mark, Loved this month in prayer and out of the news and media!
    May the Lord continue to renew our minds and fortify our spirits!

  3. Mark Williams
    Mark Williams says:

    Thanks Mark, this month has brought me into a closer relationship with our Lord and reaffirmed on how to pray and who to pray for, Thank you Lord🙏

  4. Doug Jelinek
    Doug Jelinek says:

    thank you for leading us in prayer and showing us a better way to focus our energy.
    with network news i feel helpless, with prayer i feel strength.
    you did a great job and i look forward to additional morning messages from you.
    Doug J.

    • Denise S
      Denise S says:

      Good morning, Pastor Mark and Prayer Warriors,
      I thank God for this 30 days of prayer as a church. This world needs prayer and we are commanded to pray.
      May God bless everyone!!!
      Denise S

  5. Lu Valdez
    Lu Valdez says:

    Thank you, challenges were real. Crazy truth how the enemy will do anything to distract. This month really blessed me, especially knowing I was praying with others. We have a praying church and that is an answer to prayer for me personally, to find a fellowship that prays. May God continue to bless and keep you.

  6. Kathy Hoard
    Kathy Hoard says:

    Thank you Pastor Mark for leading us each day to be prayerfully mindful. It’s been such an encouragement for me and has actually helped me to draw closer to the Lord. God bless and hope to see you soon.


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