PrayerMinder Day 1

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Helps to Intercession

By Andrew Murray

What to Pray – For the Power of the Holy Spirit.

I bow my Knees unto the Father, that He would grant you that ye may be strengthened with power through His Spirit. – Eph. 3:14-16.

Wait for the promise of the Father. – Acts 1:4.

“The fuller manifestation of the grace and energy of the blessed Spirit of God, in the removal of all that is contrary to God’s revealed will, so that we grieve not the Holy Spirit, but that He may work in mightier power in the Church, for the exaltation of Christ and the blessing of souls.” God has one promise to and through His exalted Son; our Lord has one gift to His Church; the Church has one need; all prayer unites in the one petition – the power of the Holy Spirit. Make it your one prayer.

How to Pray – As a Child Asks a Father

If a son ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone!
How much more shall your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him? – Luke 11:11,13.

Ask as simply and trustfully as a child asks bread. You can do this because “God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts crying, Abba, Father. ” This Spirit is in you to give you childlike confidence. In the faith of His praying in you, ask for the power of that Holy Spirit everywhere. Mention places or circles where you specially ask it to be seen.

What’s this all about?

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Pastor Bubba’s PrayerMinder … Coming Soon!

Beginning July 1st we will be committing to 31 days of prayer and (for those brave enough to do it) social distancing from social media and the news media. Yep, that’s basically a 31 day fast from two of the primary things causing a lot of unrest in our hearts and minds. So we invite you to join us for a time of focused prayer, through the month of July.

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